Although we can allow for you to use your own laptop, we prefer to load your presentation onto the computer provided.  This reduces technical issues and ensures a fast and relaxed changeover during the session.

In preparing your presentation please:

  1. Use Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Only use standard Windows fonts.
  3. Use large font sizes.
  4. Use slides sized for an On-screen show (16:9) format (wide screen).  This is a Page Setup option in PowerPoint.
  5. Do not include company logos other than on the first and last slides.

It is best NOT to demonstrate another program or show a document outside PowerPoint.  Differences in resolution between your office computer and the video projector are likely to catch you out.  There are screen capture programs you can use to capture images and video of you using another application.  These images and video can be embedded into your PowerPoint to create a more relaxed and professional presentation.

We will send you a link to web page where you can upload your PowerPoint file.  Please also bring a backup on a USB stick.

Please upload your PowerPoint at least one week before the Symposium, even if it is not the final version.  We will then check that it displays correctly.  You can upload updates at any time, but please do not leave it too late as your file has to upload to the server, and then download to the presentation PC; we suggest you allow at least 24 hours.

Please name your PowerPoint with the full name of your paper, adding a date (DDMMYY format) so that if you provide an update, it is clear which version is to be used. e.g.

A systematic methodology for the generation of lift passengers under a poisson batch arrival process 150916.ppt

Please introduce yourself to the session Chairman and check your PowerPoint on the computer provided 20 minutes before your session starts. 

The Chairman will introduce the speakers based on the biography as published in the proceedings.

You have 20 minutes for your presentation and questions.  You presentation should last approximately 15 minutes, allowing 5 minutes for questions.  Please rehearse your presentation and timing.  Out of respect to the following speakers and the audience we maintain a very strict schedule. 

Tips for presenters
  • Speak more slowly than in conversation.  Gaps and pauses give people a chance to process and digest information.
  • Explain acronyms.
  • If your presentation contains jargon, explain it to the audience but preferably keep your presentation jargon free.
  • If you feel nervous try addressing colleagues who may be in the audience.
  • Rehearse your presentation (timing of slides/videos/talk) to ensure you stay within the time limit.
  • Present to your colleagues beforehand to make sure you pick a style suited to your personality and voice.
  • Avoid using too much text on slides - words should be used as prompts.
  • Try to limit your talk to a minute per slide.
  • Smile and be happy!