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The 1st Symposium of Lift and Escalator Technologies, September 2011 was organised jointly by the Lift Engineering Section of Northampton University and the CIBSE Lifts Group.

Press Report by David Cooper

Press Report by John Gale

The proceedings are available to download here.

The document includes 12 extended abstracts and 2 full papers*. Content as follows:

  • *The Use Of Monte Carlo Simulation To Evaluate The Passenger Average Travelling Time Under Up-Peak Traffic Conditions L. Al-Sharif , O. F. Abdel Aal, A. M. Abu Alqumsan, University of Jordan, Jordan.
  • Some Thoughts On Progressive Safety Gears And Modernisation J. P. Andrew, University of Northampton, UK.
  • *Energy Models For Lifts G. Barney, Gina Barney Associates, UK.
  • A Reliable Forecast of Lift System Wear T. Ebeling, Henning GmbH, Germany.
  • Interdependencies Between The Development Of A Belt Type Suspension And Transmission Mean And Lift Components/System Design P. Feldhusen, USA.
  • Analysis Of Excitation To Response In Lifts Without A Machine Room P. Hofer, Schindler Elevators Ltd, Switzerland.
  • Development of a Control Method For Speed Pulsation In Escalator's Chain K Mori, Y Hashioka & K Miyazaki, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan.
  • Mathematical Modelling Of Comparative Energy Consumption Between A Single-Loop Curvilinear Escalator (The Levytator) And An Equivalent Pair Of Linear Escalators J. Levy, E. Shcherbakova, D Chan, City University London, UK.
  • Vibrations In A Lift System M. Mottaghi, University of Northampton, UK.
  • Is The Gearbox Dead? J. Munday, UK.
  • A View To The Application Of Linear Motors In Elevator Systems M. E. Nahi, University of Northampton, UK.
  • The Reliance On Testing For Modernised Lifts M. Revitt, Focus FM, UK.
  • The Use Of Multi Car / Single Well Lift Systems To Add Value A. J. Scott, Grontmij Ltd, UK.
  • Designing Elevator Installations Using Modern Estimates Of Passenger Demand And Currently Available Elevator Technologies R. S. Smith, UAE.