The 8th Symposium of Lift and Escalator Technologies, May 2018 was organised by the Lift Engineering Section of Northampton University, the CIBSE Lifts Group and LEIA with the support of a local organising committee.


The proceedings are available to download here.

The document includes the following papers:

  • Coupled Vibration of Rope-guided Hoisting System under Multiple Constraint Conditions  Lu Yan, Guohua Cao, Ke Wang  China University of Mining and Technology, China
  • Dual Rated Speeds Escalator in Rapid Transit System with Extended Ramping up and Down  KC Gan, LF Cai, SC Cheah, Hadi Wijaya, Melvyn Thong  Land Transport Authority, Singapore
  • Dynamic Behavior of Traction System with Tension at the Pulley of Compensating Rope Wang  Lei and Cao Guohua  China University of Mining and Technology, China
  • Experiment Method of Tribology Performance of Braking Material for High Speed Elevator  Yinge Li1, Xi Shi1, Simo Makimallila 1Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, 2Kone Kunshan Park, China
  • Experimental Investigation of Friction and Slip at the Traction Interface of Rope and Sheave Xiaolong  Ma, Xi Shi  Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
  • History of the Safety Gear  David Cooper  LECS (UK) Ltd, UK
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Research Based on Sheet Metal Modularization of Elevator  Niu Shuguang1, Leng Shan1, Niu Lin Lin1Changshu Institute of Technology, China, 2Soochow University, China
  • Lift Planning for High-Rise Buildings  Richard Peters  Peters Research Ltd, UK
  • Longitudinal Coupled Vibration of Parallel Hoisting System with Tension Balance Devices  Guohua Cao, Lu Yan, Lei Wang and Ke Wang  China University of Mining and Technology, China
  • People Flow Analysis in Lift Modernization  Marja-Liisa Siikonen, Janne Sorsa  Kone Corporation, Finland
  • Regulating Lift and Escalator Safety in Hong Kong  Eric Pang, KC Cheungm, Alex Lai, Mr Graham Lui  HKSAR Government, China
  • Robots, a New Class of Passenger  Rory Smith  The University of Northampton, UK
  • Stress Analysis of Machine Supporting Beam System for Large Tonnage Lift  Xiaomei Jiang1,2, Lanzhong Guo1,2  1Changshu Institute of Technology, China, 2Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Lift Intelligent Safety, China
  • Systems Engineering Approach: Postgraduate Programme Bridging the Gap Between the Theory and Industrial Practice in Lift (Elevator) Engineering  Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Rory Smith, Nick Mellor  The University of Northampton, UK
  • The Dynamic Interactions in High-Rise Vertical Transportation Systems  Stefan Kaczmarczyk  The University of Northampton, UK
  • The Study of Hoisting System for Vertical Shaft Construction without the Protection of Guided-cable  Naige Wang, Guohua Cao, Lu Yan  China University of Mining and Technology, China