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2019 - 10th Symposium on Lift and Escalator Technologies, Northampton



The 10th Symposium of Lift and Escalator Technologies, September 2019 was organised by the Lift Engineering Section of Northampton University, the CIBSE Lifts Group and LEIA.

The proceedings can be downloaded here.

The document includes the following papers:

  • Accessible goods only lifting tables (AGOLTS): the law & levels of safety David A. Cooper  LECS (UK) Ltd, UK,  University of Northampton, UK  VIDEO
  • When is a lift not a lift? Michael Bottomley VT Consult, UK  VIDEO
  • Logging & analysis of lift journeys using an accelerometer  Anna Peters, Richard Peters  Peters Research Ltd, UK  VIDEO
  • Can lift traffic simulators be verifiable, transparent, repeatable & reproducible Gina Barney Gina Barney Associates, UK  VIDEO
  • Lift traffic design: calulation or simulation?  Janne Sorsa  KONE Industrial Ltd, Finland  VIDEO
  • Using Monte Carlo Simulation in lift traffic systems to compile the Probability Density Function (PDF) for the car-load data and drive-motor system loading Lutfi Al-Sharif The University of Jordan, Jordan  VIDEO
  • The resonance conditions and application of passive and active control strategies in high-rise lifts to mitigate the effects of building sway  Lutfi Al-Sharif1, Stefan Gerstenmeyer2, Jens Niebling2, Richard Peters3, Maria Abbi3  1The University of Jordan, Jordan. 2thyssenkrupp Elevator, Germany. 3Peters Research Ltd, UK  VIDEO
  • Machine frames made of wood  Roland Stawingao IFA – Ingenieurbüro für Aufzugstechnik, Germany  VIDEO
  • Fundamental study on rope vibration suppression by utilizing low-stroke lift connecting intermediate evacuation floors  Suzuko Tamashiro1, Satoshi Fujita1, Shigeki Okamura2, Kazuhiro Tanaka3, Tomohiro Shiki1Tokyo Denki University, Japan. 2Toyama Prefectural University, Japan. 3Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation, Japan  
  • The IoT mirror for lift cars  Fabio Liberali1, Alessandro Cremaschi2  1LU-VE Group, Italia. 2TGD Thermo Glass Door, Italia  VIDEO
  • Lift and escalator management systems: requirements and implementation  Richard Peters1, Jim Nickerson2 1Peters Research Ltd, UK. 2Peters Research Ltd, USA  VIDEO
  • A template for an undergraduate elective final year lift engineering course Lutfi Al-Sharif   The University of Jordan, Jordan  VIDEO
  • Impact of learning style preferences & social media use on the environment of distance learning for engineers in the vertical transportation industry  Thomas Ehrl1, Stefan Kaczmarczyk2, Jonathan Adams2, Benedikt Meier3  1thyssenkrupp Elevator AG, Germany. 2University of Northampton, UK. 3thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG, Germany  VIDEO
  • Polish lift industry education & training Tadeusz Popielas  Polish Association of Lift Manufacturers, Poland  VIDEO
  • Understanding GB/T 24476 - 2017 China's technical specifications for Internet of Things for lifts, escalators and moving walks  Rory Smith University of Northampton, USA
  • The systems analysis & design of lifts (elevators): the models and assumptions appraised  Stefan Kaczmarczyk1, Phil Andrew2  1University of Northampton, UK. 2Formerly University of Northampton, UK
  • Escalator runaways David A. Cooper  LECS UK Ltd, UK  VIDEO
  • IOS DIS 8100-32 on planning and selection of passenger lifts  Marja-Liisa Siikonen, Convenor of ISO TC178 WG6/Subgroup 5, SFS, Finland   VIDEO
  • Cycle lifts - meeting future demand  Adam Scott Sweco UK, UK  VIDEO
  • Extending the horizontal journey to the sky Alan Cronin AECOM, UK  VIDEO
  • Designing a vertical transportation strategy for the largest and tallest building in the City of London John Stopes The Vertical Transportation Studio, UK  VIDEO
  • Technical challenges involved with designing the vertical transportation in a large football stand Phil Pearson Pearson Consult Ltd, UK  VIDEO