Dr. Bruce A. Powell is a long time contributor in the application of mathematical modeling to elevator design and control systems.  Powell has a total of 49 years of experience, the first 21 at the Westinghouse R&D Center and the next 13 years at Otis Elevator Company.  He left Otis in early 2002, having achieved the highest technical individual contributor position in the company, that of Otis Fellow.  He holds 37 U.S. patents, most relating to elevator dispatching, particularly the use of fuzzy logic in Early Car Announcement.  In addition, Powell has published or co-published 15 articles in industry media.  He has been cited in numerous media outlets, including The New York Times, National Public Radio, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and Elevator World.

The Bruce Powell Company, Inc., was formed in early 2002 as an elevator consulting organization.  The company specializes in elevator system planning and dispatcher performance evaluation.  Customers are building owners, elevator consulting firms, architectural firms, property managers, and elevator suppliers.  For the past 14 years, Powell has served as a principal traffic analysis consultant to ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation, having worked on the elevator planning for important projects including New York’s One World Trade Center, Moscow’s 80-story Federation Tower with TWIN elevators, and major modernizations projects involving Destination Dispatch at One Wells Fargo Center in Charlotte and various office buildings in Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, Houston, and Chicago.  He has also provided traffic analysis expertise to a number of key elevator consultancies both in the U.S. and Canada.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Denison University, and both a Master’s and Ph.D. in operations research from Case Western Reserve University.

Offices for The Bruce Powell Company are in Canton, CT.