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The 2nd Symposium of Lift and Escalator Technologies, September 2012 was organised jointly by the Lift Engineering Section of Northampton University and the CIBSE Lifts Group.

The proceedings are available to download here.

The document includes 3 extended abstracts and 9 full papers*. Content as follows:

  • *The HARint plane: A Graphical Method for Visualising the Optimality of an Elevator System Design Option  Dr Lutfi Al-Sharif , Ahmad M. Abu Alqumsan, Osama F. Abdel Aal, University of Jordan, Jordan.
  • *The Modelling, Simulation And Experimental Testing Of Vertical Vibrations In An Elevator System With 1:1 Roping Configuration Xabier Arrasate1, Prof Stefan Kaczmarczyk2, Gaizka Almandoz1, Dr José M. Abete1, Inge Isasa31Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Spain. 2University of Northampton, UK, Elevator 3Innovtion Center, Spain.
  • *Origin Destination Matrix Estimation And Prediction In Vertical Transportation  Dr Rosa Basagoiti1, Maite Beamurgia1, Dr Richard D Peters2, Prof Stefan Kaczmarczyk31Mondragon University, Spain. 2Peters Research Ltd, UK. 3University of Northampton, UK.
  • *Economically Efficient Green Hydraulic Lifts Dr K. Ferhat Celik, Blain Hydraulics GmbH, Germany.
  • *Energy Models For Lifts Ana M. Lorente-Lafuente1,2, José Luis Núñez-Bruis2, Dr-Eur.Ing Gina Barney31Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain. 2Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (ITA), Spain. 3Gina Barney Associates, UK.
  • *Lift Performance Time Dr Richard Peters, Peters Research Ltd, UK.
  • *Analysis Of The Frequency Behaviour Of Elevator Systems Dipl.-Ing Ingo Pletschen1, Dr.-Ing Stephan Rohr1, Prof. Dr.-Ing Ralph Kennel21ThyssenKrupp Aufzugswerke, Germany, 2Technische Universität München, Germany.
  • A Realistic Approach To “Interesting” Claims - Lessons In Lift Traffic Analysis Dr Bruce Powell, The Bruce Powell Company, USA.
  • Lift Design: Still Room For Improvement  Adrian Shiner, Consulting Engineer, UK.
  • *Standards, Who Needs Them, Who Creates Them And How Are They Created Derek Smith, Formerly Technical Director of LEIA UK.
  • *Traffic Analysis based on the Up Peak Round Trip Time method why it works and how it can be improved Dr Rory Smith, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, United Arab Emirates.
  • Toward a more Efficient Elevator System  Dr Albert So, The Asian Institute of Built Environment, Hong Kong.


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